Top 5 Hoverkart Tricks


Tricks to do on your Hoverkart Hoverkarts are one of the newest products here at Bluefin and are a great addition to your hoverboard!  The Bluefin HoverKart is an accessory that transforms your hoverboard into a seated, three-wheeled Go-Kart! Enabling the user to have a more stable, manoeuvrable and fun experience

Dancing on a Hoverboard!

Dancing on a Hoverboard! We have seen basketball on hoverboards, football and even gymnastics! But the most impressive sport we have seen on hoverboards is dance. Maintaining the rhythm, remembering the choreography and keeping in time to the music all whilst balancing on a hoverboard is something we definitely haven’t

Hoverboards on TV

Hoverboards on TV As one of the most popular tech-trends ever, it makes sense that hoverboards would be featured in the media and used and enjoyed on television shows. We have compiled a list of our favourite moments when hoverboards took the spotlight! The first TV moment we love is

Bluefin Hoverkarts


Bluefin Hoverkarts Want an extra for your Bluefin Hoverboard? Why not buy a Hoverkart, it turns your Bluefin™ Hoverboard into a go kart in minutes. The Hoverkarts fit on to your board quickly and easily to provide an exhilarating experience for both adults and children. We have 2 different models