Bluefin Hoverboard Capabilities

Our Boards We are often asked questions about the capabilities of our boards like: Where can I ride my board? ...
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12 Months since The Gadget Show… What has changed?

A year on from the Gadget Show… You may have seen us at the Gadget Show last year, we were ...
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Top Ten Most Asked Hoverboard Questions

Top 10 Asked Questions… and the answers! We have compiled a list of our most asked hoverboard questions and these are ...
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Hoverboards – Top 5 Fails

Hoverboard Fails Although our hoverboards are easy to ride, there is always someone who doesn’t read the instruction manual! Check ...
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Buying a Hoverboard – A Parents Guide

A Parents Guide To Buying a Hoverboard When thinking about buying a hoverboard it is understandable to have some concerns ...
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Hoverboard Tricks – Ideas and Tips

When you have mastered your Bluefin Swegway and are ready to take it to the next level... The Bluefin Classic, ...
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swegway in park

Top 5 things to do with your new Swegway

Top 5 Things To Do With Your New Swegway Swegways offer you a surreal experience you cannot find anywhere else ...
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Top 5 Olympic Sports on a Swegway

Top 5 Olympic Sports on a Swegway You’re probably watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and wondering how ...
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Justin_Bieber Hoverboard Swegway

Bluefin’s Top 5 Swegway Fails

Top 5 Swegway Fails We have all seen some epic Swegway failed over the last 12 months all over social media ...
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Bluefin Hoverboard Swegway Self Balancing Scooter 8 inch White

Why Bluefin is the only Swegway Hoverboard brand you can trust!

There are many reasons why you should choose Bluefin for your Swegway, we have complied a few below. UK Established ...
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