Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the Segway hoverboards we offer. For an in-depth hoverboard review of the different models we have available, please visit our ‘Which Board?’ section.

How do hoverboards work?

While they are known by the name ‘hoverboards’, they don’t actually hover. Better described as self-balancing scooters or self-balancing boards, they function much like a mini-Segway (they are also referred to as swegways) except that everything is controlled with your feet, legs and torso rather than handlebars.

Are hoverboards safe? Which hoverboards are safe?

Bluefin hoverboards are entirely safe and come with a verified genuine Samsung battery. We source our batteries directly from Samsung and complete batch tests to ensure that the product you receive is entirely safe and long-lasting. Our hoverboards also come with safe and certified UK chargers which are compliant to BSI 1363. These have been confirmed and verified genuine by UK verified test houses.

Unfortunately, our research suggests that around 95% of other sellers that claim to use genuine Samsung batteries are in fact fakes from China which can be very dangerous.

Do hoverboards still catch fire?

In 2015 there were many reports of hoverboards catching fire or even exploding. This gave swegways a very bad reputation with many retailers refusing to stock certain brands. However, the problem was commonly with fake batteries from China and counterfeit models with poor electronics.

All of the hoverboards sold by Bluefin use safe and verified Samsung batteries and our boards are rigorously safety tested, so you don’t need to have any concerns over your board catching fire if you buy from us.

Are hoverboards legal in the UK?

Hoverboards are certainly legal in the UK – however, it’s the case that they are not allowed to be used in certain areas. It is currently illegal to ride a hover board on public roads and on pavements. However on private property and in many parks around the country hoverboards are perfectly legal.

Are your products in stock?

All of our Segway board models are in stock in our warehouse in West Yorkshire. All orders placed before 2pm are dispatched on the same working day with a next working day delivery service.

Why are hoverboards so popular?

If you’ve ever gone for a ride on a Segway you’ll understand the popularity of the hoverboard. This is a fun and seamless way of travelling. Much easier to master than riding a bike or a skateboard, the riding motion of a hoverboard feels easy and effortless (although riding one can be something of a workout for your core). They are much more convenient, far cheaper and more easily stored than a Segway too.

How fast do they go?

Bluefin hoverboards reach a top speed of 14kph or just under 10mph – much faster than walking.

How long do they take to charge and how long does the battery last?

Bluefin hoverboards are fully charged within 2 hours and can be used for 6 hours before the batteries need recharging.

When was the hoverboard invented?

The initial concept of the hover board appears to have been invented around 2013, although there are many individuals who claim to have patented the idea first.




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